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Updated: Apr 20, 2020

What's the difference?

Lashes to the eyes are like frosting on the cake. Frosting is always a good thing right? But the question is, do you want a lovely lighter layer of frosting on the cake (classic lashes), or a LOT of delicious frosting (volume lashes)? Either way, we can’t get enough of frosting just like we can’t get enough of lashes!

Let’s compare the differences between both lash extension techniques!

Classic Lashes

This is the foundation of all lash extensions. One lash extension (fiber) is applied to one natural lash. This means that we can only apply as many fibers as you have natural lashes. I like to describe this look as the appearance of “having naturally blessed lashes wearing the most expensive mascara”... but without the mascara!

This lashing technique gives the client a fresh-faced look that is more awake with a defined curl, and some increased length in their lash line. If your client has never had lashes before, classic lashes are a great introduction to the wonderful lash world. If your client has sparse lashes and wants a full lash line, then this technique won’t be as ideal for them (opposed to hybrids or volumes).

Classic lashes are commonly used in diameters of 0.15mm, 0.18mm, and 0.20mm (I personally find 0.20 too heavy for the natural lash).

Volume Lashes

This is where the lash game gets taken to the next level - MORE dramatic, MORE full, and MORE depth in all the right places! Multiple lash extensions (fibers) are applied to one natural lash in the form of fans. There are different fanning techniques that can be applied to achieve this look (we train a variety of fanning techniques so you can discover what works best for you!).

Volume sets create a darker, more bold and dense lash line for any client. Clients with sparse lashes benefit from volume lashes as the overlapping fans can bridge any gaps creating a fuller lash line.

Although more fibers are being placed onto a natural lash, it doesn’t mean that it is heavier than getting a classic set of lashes. Volume lashes are thinner in diameter and lighter in weight. They range in diameters of 0.02mm to 0.1mm. To give a better perspective on the weight, FOUR 0.07 fibers weigh as much as ONE 0.18 fiber.

Classic and volume lash extensions are both lash application techniques that enhance the lash line. Whether your superpower is classic or volume (or BOTH), create your dream sets using high quality lash extensions from our NOIR X Luxury Lash trays. You will NOT be disappointed!


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