Lash Trainer Certification


Heighten your lash career by sharing your passion and knowledge in the industry with aspiring lash artists! LASH Social Club Lash Trainer Certification Course will help you to design a structure for your training manual and curriculum, as well as ensure that all of your practical techniques are up to date to provide your students with quality education. 


Our Lash Trainer Certification Course will cover all areas of providing both Classic and Volume training to your students. You will have hands-on practice on a mannequin to go over multiple isolation techniques, classic application techniques and volume fan-making techniques. 


You will be provided with our Extensive Fundamentals Course Manual, our Basic Classic and Volume Course Manual, our Advanced Volume & Mega-Volume Course Manual, a mini Course Kit, ongoing support and mentoring after education.


Duration: 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM. End times may differ.

$200.00 Deposit Required to Reserve your Spot.

The remaining balance is due the day of your training. Deposits and tuition are non-refundable. Please email us at for availability.

Course Kit :
  • 3 Exclusive LASH Social Club Trays

  • Isolation and Application Tweezers

  • Lash Palette

  • Bristle Lash Wands

  • Eyelash Adhesive

  • Pigment Ring Cups

  • Air Pump

  • Basic Classic and Volume Course Manual