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Babepreneur - Business Mogul Online Course

Congratulations on taking the big leap to becoming the Babepreneur you’ve always wanted to be! Assuming the position of a CEO is so empowering and exciting, however we understand it can sometimes be challenging to plan out how to start and/or grow your business. The most successful businesses rise to the top by accumulating as much knowledge as they can to make their journey up as smooth as possible! 


We have created this valuable “Babepreneur - Business Mogul Online Course” to help you grow your business successfully from the start! Students will have lifetime access to the online course ensuring that they will have the most up-to-date knowledge without needing to pay for an additional course.

  • Certification

  • Feedback

  • Student Perks

Course Breakdown
  • What to Expect

  • How to Use your Lifetime 20% Student Discount at LASH Social Club

  • Receive Your $50 Credit for All Future Online Courses

  • Determine which Business Structure is Right for You

  • What is a Business Number? 

  • How to Register your Business

  • When to Obtain an HST Number

  • Choosing a Business Name

  • To Trademark or not to Trademark?

  • Keys to Building a Successful Business

  • How to Properly Conduct A Competitive Analysis

  • Establish Your Competitive Advantage

  • Transitioning Your Business Goals to Business Actions

  • Setting Up Your Financial Plan

  • Understanding the Different Marketing Strategies

  • Utilizing Social Media Marketing to its Fullest Potential

  • Creating the Right Partnerships

  • Providing Incentives to Clients

  • Have Your Clients Coming Back

  • Boosting Word-of-Mouth

  • How to get Google Reviews

  • Creating Marketing Material

  • Separating Business from Personal

  • Organize Your Finances with Applications

  • What are Your Goals?

  • Creating the Perfect Brand Name

  • What are Your Brand Identity Elements?

  • Establish Your Brand Personality

  • Creating Your Logo Effectively

  • Choosing the Right Typography

  • Selecting Your Color Palette

  • How to Understand and Use Color Codes

  • Building Your Website

  • What Content Matters?

  • Providing Booking Options

  • Exclusive Student Discount for Booking Platform

Social Media
Client Care
  • What is the Voice of Your Brand?

  • How to Boost Your Social Media

  • Useful Applications to Step Your Game Up

  • Linking Your Facebook and Instagram Business Pages

  • How to Read Your Insights

  • How to Keep Client Files Organized

  • The Importance of Setting Up Policies

  • Policy Writing

  • How to Appropriately Deal with Negative Experiences

Health & Safety
  • Three Levels of Decontamination

  • Decontamination of Tools, Workspace, and Equipment

  • What to Use and What NOT to Use 

  • How to Pass a Health Inspection

Complete all modules.


Certificates will be sent upon completion via Canada Post ($15 flat rate shipping) or a PDF version can be emailed to you at no additional charge.

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