Classic & Volume Masterclass


Accredited Training Program. Students can be confident that they are receiving the industry’s highest level of achievement through our accreditation course.

Do you want to take over the lash industry with FULL FORCE and really hit the ground running with your lash career? LASH Social Club Classic & Volume Masterclass Course is a fully loaded 2 day course that provides the foundation in application and in-depth theory in the fundamentals of Eyelash Extensions, as well as leveling up immediately with both Volume and Mega-Volume techniques! Day One of our Masterclass covers extensive knowledge in theory, health and safety, product knowledge, preparing your client, application techniques, fill appointments, aftercare, removal techniques, lash designs and lash mapping, an introduction to volume lashing, lash artist health, room set-up, business and marketing, and legal considerations. Day Two of our Masterclass covers volume lash theory, multiple fanning techniques, double-stacking advanced classic technique, spikey lash technique, advanced isolation techniques, how to create depth and texture in your volume sets, and more!


Our Classic & Volume Masterclass Certification combines the completion of theory and practical work. You will have hands-on practice on both a mannequin and live model for both techniques with the supervision and guidance of our trainers at all times. Our LASH Social Club trainers will provide you with multiple isolation and application techniques to achieve gorgeous lash sets all of the time!

Your success requires your will to learn, patience, and drive to set the bar high! You will be provided with our Signature Extensive Course Manual, Certifications upon Course Completion, a Fully Loaded Course Kit, ongoing support and mentoring after education. 

Duration: 1 Day. 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM. End and start times may differ.

$250.00 Deposit Required to Reserve your Spot.

The remaining balance is due the day of your training. Deposits and tuition are non-refundable.

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Course dates are currently available on demand. E-mail us  at to confirm your date!

Course Kit :
  • 12 Exclusive LASH Social Club Trays

  • 2 Isolation and 2 Volume Application Tweezers

  • Lash Palette

  • Nexcare Tape

  • Eye Gel Pads

  • Bristle Lash Wands

  • Lint-Free Applicators

  • Eyelash Adhesive

  • Pigment Ring Cups

  • Air Pump

  • 10 Practice Lash Strips

  • Wonder Wipes

  • Extensive Fundamentals Course Manual

  • Basic Classic & Volume Course Manual

  • Portable Lash Bed

  • Advanced Volume & Mega-Volume Course Manual

Course Breakdown
Volume Theory
Health & Safety
  • Introduction to Eyelash Extensions

  • Eyelash Life Cycle

  • Product Knowledge

  • Lash Varieties

  • Understanding Curls & Diameters

  • Creating Lash Maps

  • Eye Shapes & Lash Styles

  • Prep Work & Workspace Setup

  • Client Preparation & Consultations

  • Isolation Techniques

  • Proper Lash Application

  • How to do Lash Fills & Removals

  • Client Aftercare

  • Retention

  • Classic VS Hybrid VS Volume/Mega-Volume

  • Introduction to Volume

  • Introduction to Volume Lash Extensions

  • How to Volume Safely

  • Different Fans

  • Advanced Isolation Techniques

  • Multiple Fanning Techniques

  • Volume Lash Placement

  • Mega Volume Lashes

  • Double Stacking 

  • Spikey Lash Technique

  • Creating Depth in your Work

  • Airborne Pathogens and Invisible Invaders

  • Three Levels of Decontamination

  • Decontamination of Tools, Workspace, and Equipment

  • How to Pass a Health Inspection

  • Creating a Clinically Clean Workspace

  • Contraindications

  • Allergy Tests

  • Blepharitis

  • Lash Mites

  • Other Concerns

  • Professional Responsibilities

  • Ergonomic Setup

Branding & Marketing
Legal Considerations
  • Building your Clientele

  • Marketing Tips

  • Business Growth

  • Pricing your Services

  • Good Practices

  • Registration & Insurance

  • Client Release Forms

  • License Requirements

  • Mannequin Practice

  • Fan-Making Practice

  • Live Model Practice

Post Education
  • Ongoing Support and Mentoring

  • Exclusive discount towards LASH Social Club Products