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Success is a Staircase, Not a Doorway

Starting a new career in the lash extension industry can make a lash artist feel many different emotions separately and all at the same time. Looking back at my beginning, (and I'll keep this part short but sweet) I was working in the IT Engineering field for a few years and doing well as a woman in the field. I had a comfortable salary and great benefits... Oh! Let's not forget the pension either. I dreaded coming to work as it didn't spark joy in my life.

Every day felt like 30 days and I never could relate to those who said "find what you’re passionate about and you’ll feel like you never worked a day in your life.” I was also pregnant and wanted to have the freedom to set my own schedule when the baby arrived as well as become my own boss. I've wanted to work in the beauty industry and make women feel good about themselves. Coincidentally, an ad for Ottawa lash extension training popped up and I was all in... although I had people in the background trying to convince me to stay with my IT career as it was safe and consistent, I proceeded and the rest is history.

When I did my first lash set, my model had so many lashes and they were all crisscrossed as she was a face sleeper. I thought, what did I get myself into? There were so many lashes and isolating crisscrossed lashes with one hand while using my other hand to pick up a lash extension, dip into the lash extension glue and place it all at once was so overwhelming to me. I did what I could in the 3 hours allotted and was so tired, I forgot to take photos.

I made it my mission to practice, practice, practice. I did about 10 free lash extension sets for my wonderful patient family and friends. I was finally ready to take on clients! One paying client turned into ten, into forty, into me working 7 days a week all day and all night with barely a break at one point. I loved what I did and wanted to take every client that came my way since this was my business. I didn’t want to turn any client away as to me, it meant I was doing my business a disservice.

I realized my work-life balance was all work and that I was losing valuable time with my family. I had hit a point where I needed to bring in another lash tech to be able to manage my current workload and welcome more clients into my salon.

Fast forward to today, I have found a much better work-life balance! I have a gigantic passion for the lash extension industry and wanted to share my knowledge and experience with others which led me to take the NALA Accredited course for Lash Trainers in order to start my lash extension academy. In the process of finding the best lash extension supplies to grace both my clients and students with, it led to the birth of LASH Social Club! Through many nights of brainstorming, weeks and months of quality control/testing products, going back and forth to the drawing board, and consistent hard work, the brand was born!

What started with an eyelash extension certification course in Ottawa, has expanded to in-person eyelash extension courses in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto; as well as online eyelash extension certifications available worldwide. We have added other beauty-industry courses to our roster including our in-person and online lash lift course, as well as our in-person and online brow lamination course!

We have been quoted to have the best lash extension supplies in all of lash land making all your lash dreams come true! Ranging from our volume fibers that fan as smooth as butter to our UV GLOW fibers that literally glow-in-the-dark, we are your go-to for all things related to lash extension supplies, lash lift supplies, brow lamination supplies, and MORE!

We are always looking forward to providing proper lash extension training to all future lash bosses who want to start or enhance their own lash career!

The original plan at the beginning was to get out of my career by doing lashes, and from dedication and sacrifice, here we, LASH Social Club, are today.

We are SO eager to share what we have in store.


Stay tuned!


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