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Black Pearl Dream Adhesive is formulated similar to our GAME CHANGER however has an increased 1-2 second bond. Like it’s big sister, Black Pearl has supreme retention, minimal fumes, and an EXCEPTIONAL humidity and temperature range ... it is incredibly versatile! We have tried and tested many formulas over a course of a year and have finally landed on one that surpassed all others…THIS ADHESIVE IS A DREAM COME TRUE!


Color: Black

Viscosity: Thin

Dry Time: 1-2 second

Fume: Low

Temperature Range: 20C/68F - 30C/86F

Humidity Range: 30%-75%

Retention: 6-7 weeks


Latex and Formaldehyde Free


Unopened adhesive can be stored for up to 6 months. Opened adhesive should be stored in an adhesive container (such as our Carbon Storage Tank) in a DRY, COOL AND DARK place. Using any lash extension adhesive under 30% humidity is not recommended as it will cause increased irritation for both client and artist.


All sales are final.


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