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Take natural lashes to an extraordinary level with incredible savings (kit valued at $160)! Our Dream Lash Lift System was created with the concept of enhancing and improving the industry standard for lash lift services.

Choose between 5 different lift levels for your clients!

Dream Lift Lotion (Step 1) is alkaline based resulting in stronger and longer lasting lifts!

Dream Set Lotion (Step 2) Hydrogen Peroxide based and is proudly free of Sodium Bromate which has been banned in Canada as of December 2019. This ingredient is prohibited for cosmetic use and can void your insurance if found.

Dream Nourish Lotion (Step 3) is infused with keratin to keep natural lashes happy, hydrated and conditioned!

What's Included:

-Dream Lift Lotion (Step 1)

-Dream Set Lotion (Step 2)

-Dream Nourish Lotion (Step 3)

-Dream Lash Lift Adhesive

-Eye Pads

-Glitter Lash Wands


-Y Brushes

-Silicone Shields (glueless)

Processing Times :

Fine/Thin Hair 4 - 5 Minutes

Medium/Normal Hair : 6 - 7 Minutes

Coarse/Stubborn Hair : 8 - 9 Minutes

Extremely Thick Hair: 10 - 12 Minutes

Shelf Life Unopened : 1 Year

Shelf Life Opened : 6 Months

All sales are final.


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