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Our Velvet Dream Remover is a magical thick strawberry cream remover that can work its powers in as little as 1 minute! This gentle formula is non-irritating, non-toxic, yet dissolves even the strongest cyanoacrylate bonds! This remover is suitable for all skin types and will not damage the natural lash. Effective in both spot removal and full removals.


BONUS: When finished, you can keep the cute crown container to store special treasures!


To Use: Apply cream remover with applicator or microbrush. Allow to sit approximately 1 minute for adhesive to dissolve completely. Gently glide the fibers off with a microswab or tweezers! Wash thoroughly and rinse before reapplying extensions. Do not apply to skin or allow contact with the eye.


Shelf Life: 1 Year.


All sales are final.


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